Executive Principal's Welcome

Many people have contributed to the establishment and development of Wren Academy over the last decade.  Our first cohorts of students have played a particularly significant role in pioneering a new school and building strong foundations for future growth.  Much of our success can be attributed to the excellent start they made at Wren.

We are very proud of all our former students and how they have contributed to the school.  This means that we would love to stay in touch with any alumni, so we can share our news but also hear about what you have all achieved.

If you are a former Wren student, please fill in the form on the Alumni Contact page so we can keep in touch.  We will not share your details with anyone else but will keep you up to date with what is happening at Wren, and other news we can share from fellow alumni.  It would also be appreciated if you could let us know whether you would consider coming in to help the current Wren students.  This could be to attend a Focus Day and tell them about your university, apprenticeship or starting your chosen career.

We look forward to hearing from you and staying in touch.

Gavin Smith
Executive Principal


  • 25 March Last night our Year 9 Drama students visited one of out local theatres to watch their hard hitting, eclectic and interdisciplinary production of RUSH! A brilliant piece of socio-political theatre Read more
  • 25 March Reception enjoyed a fabulous dinosaur workshop today. They got to test an Ankylosaurs’s armour and look at the contents of a plant eating dinosaur’s stomach. They touched a fossilised tooth from a dinosaur that lived 100 million years ago and made their own plaster dinosaurs! Read more
  • 23 March As part of British Science week the Science department is excited to announce that yesterday saw the arrival of duckling eggs which we will be hatching in B33. Students are invited to come and see their progress before morning registration. Read more
  • 22 March Rev Dave Walker leading a reflection with Year 7 in our Easter service at Christ Church Finchley. Read more
  • 22 March Mrs Bolster and some students leading us through the stations of the cross in our Year 7 Easter service. Read more
  • 22 March Year 7 students attended an Easter service this morning at Christ Church, North Finchley. Photos taken during the opening reading and then a reading from John 19:16-17 Read more