Wren Academy is a Church of England school sponsored by the London Diocesan Board for Schools and Berkhamsted School. The Academy is founded on Christian principles and is both a community school meeting needs of local residents and an Academy which serves the children of the Christian community in the area.

The Admissions Policies of the Academy seek a balance between those who come from a Christian background and those who come from other faith backgrounds or no faith background. We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and faith traditions. We do, however, expect that everyone who comes to Wren Academy will be fully supportive of the school as a Christian foundation. This is in line with our aim to be a distinctive school, but also an inclusive school.

The Academy takes part in the Pan-London Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme. To make an application, you need to complete an online application for your child through the e-admissions website www.eadmissions.org.uk. All applicants are considered for Community places.  If you also wish to be considered for a Foundation (Christian Church) place, you will need to complete the Wren Academy Supplementary Information Form.

Click here for the link to admissions changes due to Covid-19.


  • 17 September Today will include lots of teaching and lots of learning. There will be laughter, conversation and occasional tears. There will be some struggles and some small victories. We will pray, hope and keep washing our hands. Another regular day is just beginning... Read more
  • 11 September Meet Memo, a little robot who will be joining our video assembly for the this week. Read more
  • 10 September One week in we are incredibly proud of the way students have returned to school. We are seeing lots of effort in class and kindness around the site. It really is good to be back! Read more
  • 4 September We are approaching the final stages of our planning application for a new school in Enfield. The more positive comments that the application attracts, the better! Details can be found using reference 20/01923/FUL at the Enfield Planning Website: Read more
  • 3 September Over the summer the school field has gained some new residents. Their social distancing is good and as they are outside we are not asking them to wear masks. Read more
  • 2 September Fabulous first day of term ...we welcomed new faces in reception classes, Year 7 and Year 12. ...the masks were unable to hide the similes! Read more