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Entry to Year 12 in September 2020

If you are looking for a Sixth Form place for September 2020, please complete the application form to the right. If you missed our Open Evening on November 21 but still have some questions. Please feel free to email

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Entry Requirements for 2020

The focus of our Sixth Form is on the study of A Levels which allow our students the best opportunity to progress into university and follow professional careers. We offer a range of courses in the Sixth Form. Our entrance requirements to study A Level are as follows:

We will be using an average points system, with a requirement of at least 5.5 in a student's best 8 GCSE results.

For example, assume a student has these following GCSEs:

Mathematics 7
English Language 7
Chemistry 7
History 6
Biology 6
Physics 6
Art 6
English Literature 5
Business 4

This student has nine GCSEs; their best eight GCSEs would therefore not count their 4 in Business. An average point score of their best eight GCSEs would therefore be 50 points divided by 8 GCSEs giving an average of 6.25. As we are looking for an average points score of 5.5 this student would meet the requirements for Sixth Form entry.

There are also requirements to study particular subjects:
  • A Grade 7 at GCSE Mathematics is needed for students to study Mathematics at A Level. Students who wish to study Further Mathematics can only do so with a Grade 8 in Mathematics at GCSE.
  • A Grade 7 at GCSE Science is needed for students to study Science at A Level. Students will also require a Mathematics Grade 7 to study Biology, Chemistry or Physics at A Level.
  • For all other subjects a Level 6 at GCSE is needed to take that same subject at A Level.


Unsuccessful applicants have the right to make an appeal to an independent panel for a place in the Academy.

For more details please click on the link below to access the relevant information from the Independent Appeals Panel.

Appeals Information 2020

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Sixth Form Prospectus

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